How Do I Join?

There are two steps to join the Baltimore Alumnae Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta.

1. Email us at to receive information about our Facebook group, upcoming events, and to be added to our monthly newsletter. 

2. Pay your membership dues using Paypal below or using the paper membership form (Word Document) to pay via check.

To pay using Paypal, first fill out the following form (Membership Form) then click on the link that will appear once you submit your response. This will take you to the Kappa Alpha Theta website where you can pay your dues with a credit card via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. You will need to know your Kappa Alpha Theta login and password in order to access the Kappa Alpha Theta website.

How Much Are Dues?

Active Member: $40
Life Loyal: $10

What Do My Dues Support?

December’s Holiday Party
Events with Johns Hopkins University (Zeta Chi Chapter)
Service & Philanthropy
Supplies for Service Events
Donations to philanthropies, including Kappa Alpha Theta Foundation
Alumnae Panhellenic Association dues and scholarship fund donation
Yearly Newsletter
Website domain and registration fee
  Baltimore Alumnae Chapter members with Zeta Chi members

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